Stonehenge Tour with Lacock National Trust Village – Half Day

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If your time is limited in Bath  this tour is an essential. This is your chance to explore one of the world’s most amazing monuments and introduce you to Lacock National Trust Village; one of the most stunning villages in England .

  • We’ve specifically kept our tours small and personal which gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy this stunning part of England .
  • Our local guides have a wealth of knowledge about the area and will provide you with plenty of information about history, culture, theories and legends.

Our Itinerary

We drive through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to Stonehenge . This amazing monument was first mentioned as one of the wonders of Britain only seventy years after the Norman Conquest. It has aroused awe and curiosity ever since. This is your chance to experience it for yourself. During the journey to Stonehenge your driver guide will give you commentary on the sites we pass and there is also plenty of information for you to browse through. If English is not your first language there are audio presentations at the monument in all major languages (for details visit our page of  other useful web addresses).

If time allows we also take a look at Durrington Walls and Woodhenge which consisted of six concentric rings of wooden post holes within a bank and ditch, now marked by concrete posts. In the middle of the circle the grave of a three year old girl was found suggesting possible ritual sacrifice. We firmly believe that viewing these other two henges ´complete the circle´ – if you will pardon the pun – and help to show you that Stonehenge is not ´just a bunch of rocks in the middle of nowhere´ ! Please tell your driver guide if you would like to visit these sites before the tour starts.
On a clear day we get a view of the Westbury White Horse.

Lacock National Trust Village

This wonderful village consists of properties which date from the 13th and 18th centuries. It was once a prosperous woollen town but now it seems like a village trapped in time. There has been no major building here in the last 200 years so you really feel as if you’re stepping back into English history.

If you’re interested in film locations Lacock has been used many times. It became the town of Meriton in the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and more recently Downton Abbey (second episode of final series). The Abbey was also used in the filming of the first two Harry Potter movies. We will take you to Godric’s Hollow, the home of James and Lilly Potter (Harry’s parents) and to professor Horace Slughorn’s house from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Other film credits for Lacock include  Emma, Moll Flanders, Robin of Sherwood/Robin Hood, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), The Mayor of Casterbridge, The Other Boleyn Girl, Cranford, and The Wolfman. 

The Abbey rooms are not open during winter months but the cloisters, grounds and museum usually are. For more details of this National Trust property visit our “Other useful sites” web page.

Our journey time to Stonehenge is 55 minutes and we spend approximately 2 hours there including Durrington Walls and Woodhenge  by request. We spend about 45 minutes in Lacock National Trust Village. Total tour length approx 5 hours.

PRICE (Includes Stonehenge admission fee): £39.00 Adult £36.00 Student / Senior . Children aged 5-15 £28.00. Under 5s are £5. Valid student cards must be presented.

National Trust and English Heritage pass holders free of charge so select transport only option.


To make sure you have a seat on the date you require we highly recommend you book in advance from this website via the booking tab on the left. You can also email [email protected]

This tour was previously operated by Mad Max tours but is still the same!