Sunrise or Sunset – Two ways to experience the magic

The winter solstice, when the daylight hours are at their shortest was the most significant date in the Neolithic calendar. Archaeological evidence around Stonehenge shows that it was a time of great gathering and feasting, with Stonehenge at the very centre of ceremony as the sun comes into alignment with the stones. This is a truly magical experience and there are sure to be Druidic ceremonies and Pagan celebrations.

(see details of both tours below)

SUNRISE Winter Solstice 2017 and Salisbury Christmas market
Dec 22

Bear witness to the rising sun at Stonehenge,  just as our ancestors have over thousands of years from the inner circle of the stones with this special access tour.

Please note that this tour involves 1.4 mile walk from the visitor centre to the stones (transport is provided for those with mobility issues). You will need to bring suitable warm, waterproof clothing and shoes as it can get quite chilly at Stonehenge.

After your inner circle special access experience we will take time at the Stonehenge visitor centre for breakfast.

On the way to Salisbury we will visit Woodhenge and Durrington Walls, where the builders of Stonehenge are believed to have lived and pass by Old Sarum, the site of the original settlement of Salisbury. Arriving in Salisbury, you will have around 1½ hours to visit the Christmas market, Cathedral and Magna Carta or Salisbury museum.

Find out more about Salisbury’s Christmas market 

Departure from Bath (opposite the Abbey Hotel BA1 1LF) 05:00 
Return to Bath: 12.30
Cost £80 with inner circle special access

SUNSET Winter Solstice 2017 with landscape walk and Salisbury Christmas market
Dec 21

This tour begins with 30 minute guided landscape walk (optional) taking in burial mounds and the Stonehenge Curcus and following in the footsteps of your ancesters up the processional avenue to Stonehenge. Watch the setting sun at Stonehenge and celebrate the most significant date in the solar calendar marking the shortest day of the year.

Please note that this tour involves some brisk walking across open grassland (optional) and you will need to bring suitable warm, waterproof clothing and shoes as it can get quite chilly at Stonehenge.

After the sunset at Stonehenge we will drop in to the visitor centre, shop and exhibition.

From Stonehenge it is a short drive to Salisbury to experience the lights and magic of their Christmas market. Visit the cathedral and wander through the medieval streets or enjoy dinner in one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Find out more about Salisbury’s Christmas market 

Departure from Bath (opposite the Abbey Hotel BA1 1LF) 13:30 
Return to Bath: 20:30
Cost £80
N.B. There is no Stonehenge special access in the afternoon of 21st December and therefore our sunset tour includes a landscape walk (optional) and regular access to Stonehenge (included in the price) and not inner circle special access.